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Helping Hand


Program Design

We can help design your program by considering stakeholders' needs, financial reality, evaluation efforts, and clinical best practice. We can:

  • Create program logic models.

  • Identify, select, and collaborate with evaluation partners. 

  • Develop quality improvement measures. 

  • Identify and address staffing and training needs. 

  • Create realistic budget and funding mechanisms to promote program. sustainability.

Clinical Implementation

We can help you with the unique challenge of supporting staff and participants, every day, while meeting your programmatic and financial goals. We can:

  • Set agendas and guidance for clinical case conferencing.

  • Promote and implement trauma-informed supervision principles. 

  • Assess staffing and training needs.

  • Create policies and procedures.

  • Create and implement onboarding and training needs.

Workforce Development

We offer off-the-rack trainings, bespoke trainings, and training packages to suit your organization’s needs.


Our most popular trainings are CHW trainings and Burnout Prevention trainings for healthcare providers and organizations. ​We also offer trainings in:

  • Harm Reduction

  • Motivational Interviewing 

  • Reducing stigma

  • Promoting Person-Centered Language

  • Setting boundaries

  • Emotional Self Awareness 

  • Intuitive Leadership

Project Management

We can help shepherd your project from idea to product. We can:

  • Create detailed project timelines. 

  • Asses and assign RACI roles to team members. 

  • Manage individuals and organizations to satisfy project goals.

Stakeholder Engagment

Successfully engaging stakeholders is key to successful programs. We can:

  • Design and facilitate stakeholder meetings.

  • Design presentations and videos for audience.

  • Write and edit briefs based on engagement.

  • Design and facilitate individual interviews and focus groups.

Individual Coaching

A coach's role is to help you identify needs and options while supporting you in your action plan. Whether it’s supervising reports, managing up to leadership, or contemplating career change, together we can hone in on your strengths, identify additional support tools, and build confidence in your path.

Strategic Communications

We can support your long-term goals with strategic communication support. We can:

  • Write and edit policy and advocacy briefs.

  • Design and build websites.

  • Prepare funder or public presentations.

Business Development

With a demonstrated history of raising money to support programs, we can help ensure your organization gets the funding it needs and the public backing to support the expansion of your ideas by:

  • Defining your value proposition to clients and funders.

  • Write and edit funder proposals and reports.

  • Prepare funder or public presentations.

Team Strength Assessment

We can help optimize your team's strengths by assessing team member's individual talent and skill and how they translate into strengths. After I speak individually with members, we'll come together as a whole to discuss each other's strengths and how they can best be promoted in service of your mission.

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